Ukrainian Foreign Minister Urged to Disconnect Russia off the SWIFT

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba called on the West to move from words to deeds and deter Russia from military intervention in Ukraine. At the same time, he added that he had no evidence of such intentions of Russia. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on the West to impose new sanctions against Russia to deter it from using military force against Ukraine. One of the possible measures in this regard, from the point of view of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, would be disconnecting Russia from the international SWIFT payment system. Kuleba said this in an interview with Reuters, published on Thursday, April 22. According to the diplomat, he raised the topic of a possible disconnection of the Russian Federation from the SWIFT system, speaking at an invitation at a meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU member states on April 19. Western diplomacy is helping to restrain Moscow, but "everything will depend on whether they (Western countries. - Ed.) Back up their words with deeds," the Ukrainian diplomat said in this regard. Kiev has no data on Russia's military plans At the same time, Kuleba noted that at the moment Kiev has no information confirming Russia's intention to use military force against Ukraine. However, it is important for the West to be active in order to prevent this, the diplomat emphasized. "I have no information confirming that the decision to launch a military operation against Ukraine has already been made. So, the situation can now begin developing anyhow," Kuleba quoted Reuters. The words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that "Russia will respond asymmetrically, quickly and harshly" to "those who cross the red line", uttered by him during his annual address to the Federal Assembly on April 21, Kuleba commented as follows: "I interpret President Putin's message as follows: "We will cross your red line but you cannot cross our red line, and we ourselves will determine where it goes." Ukraine asked the United States for electronic weapons The Ukrainian Foreign Minister also noted that during a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken last week, April 13, he asked Washington to provide his country with "powerful electronic warfare" that could prevent Russia from interrupting Ukraine's communications systems.