Grosu: Protest Outside the Constitutional Court Will Last for Three Days

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The protest organized by representatives of the PDS is taking place at the building of the Constitutional Court. MP Igor Grosu said that the events will last 3 days, until Wednesday, April 28, when the judges of the Constitutional Court will have to make a decision on the legality of introducing a state of emergency in our country, reported. “We will stay here in case they dare to bring the so-called CC judge here. I do not envy this person. What trouble Dodon got him into,” Grosu said, encouraging people to join them throughout the day. Regarding PSRM leader Igor Dodon's call for consultations between political forces, Grosu said: “Coward Dodon called us to dialogue. We have nothing to discuss with criminals." Recall, the PSRM and SHOR deputies adopted a declaration on the usurpation of power by three judges of the Constitutional Court. The decision to revoke the mandate of the Constitutional Court judge from Domnika Manole was also voted on, and a new judge of the Constitutional Court was appointed. These decisions drew sharp criticism from the opposition, a protest was held near the Constitutional Court building, and the PDS deputies protested the decisions. Late in the evening it became known that the Constitutional Court suspended the decisions to dismiss Ms Manole from the position of the Constitutional Court judge and to appoint Boris Lupashka as a constitutional judge. Also, President Maia Sandu appealed to the prosecutor's office with a request to investigate the actions of the parliamentary majority of the PSRM-"SHOR" in terms of the usurpation of state power.