CNN: In May Blinken Might Yet Come to Ukraine

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Blinken will be sent to Ukraine before the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. US President Joe Biden intends to send Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Ukraine in May. This announced on Monday, April 26, the CNN television company, citing a source in the Ukrainian leadership who is close to agreeing on the upcoming visit of the Head of American diplomacy. According to the newspaper, the fact that the Biden administration will send the secretary of state to Ukraine gives a clear signal that Washington supports the Ukrainian state and values it as an ally. "Blinken's visit to Ukraine could ease the European country's concerns about a possible meeting between Biden and Putin this summer," the statement said. Also, as the newspaper notes, Blinken's visit to Ukraine will be one of the opportunities to discuss a potential Biden-Zelensky meeting during the US President's stay in Europe in the summer. Earlier, the US State Department said it was deeply concerned about Russia's plans to suspend the passage of foreign warships in a number of areas of the Black Sea and considered this an unprovoked escalation.