"Dirty Trick on Russia". Dodon on PAS and Our Party's Victory in the Early Parliamentary Elections

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The leader of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) Igor Dodn believes that the victory of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) and Our Party in the elections will destabilize the political situation in the country. “The right-wing forces coming to power in Moldova are likely to lead to complete destabilization. Controlled by the West, they will want to “blow” the situation up to play a dirty trick on the Russians," the socialist said on the air of the program on the First in Moldova channel. The socialist stressed that his formation will surely win the elections, but warned that the victory of the Maia Sandu and Renato Usatii parties in Moldova would mean the victory of the “collective West”. “Then we will have full external control. Moldova will no longer be an independent country, they will try to ban all parties that do not obey them. They will go against the church, religion, traditional values, cancel the retirement age reduction and other social initiatives. It will be an attack on the Russian language, there will be problems with Gagauzia and Transdniestria,” Dodon warned. According to the politician, Moldova should have "a pro-Moldovan parliamentary majority, which will pass laws in the interests of citizens, will not "fight" with Russia, will not start a war with Transdniestria, will not "strangle" Gagauzia." Let us remind you that the day before, after the decision of the Constitutional Court, Dodon had already mentioned the “collective West” stating that these are the parties of Maia Sandu, Renato Usatii and unionists. “The victory of the collective West in early parliamentary elections may lead to the collapse of the Moldovan state,” Dodon said and called on the pro-Moldovan forces “to build a united front to protect and save Moldova”. However, the politician did not specify what formations the socialists are ready to cooperate with. The political parties mentioned by Dodon and Moldova's external partners have not yet responded to the socialist's accusations. The administration of President Maia Sandu declined to comment on Dodon's statement. The Our Party leader, Renato Usatii, denied Dodon's accusations. “For those who spread all kinds of nonsense and lies about me, I want to say one thing: stop enrolling me into any coalitions. Since 2014, when I started my political path in Moldova, I had only one agreement - to be in coalition with the people of the Republic of Moldova,” he said.