Diacov: DPM to Run Independently in Early Elections

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The Democratic Party of Moldova will participate in the 11 July early parliamentary elections independently. This was stated by the DPM Honorary Chairman Dumitru Diacov on the air of the Punctul pe Azi program on TVR Moldova TV channel. “We did not negotiate with other parties, there were some discussions, but I don’t want to go into details. DPM has enough forces in the territories, it has the necessary experience, we hope that we will be able to mobilize even in the rather difficult conditions in which the Republic of Moldova is now,” Diacov said. According to the deputy, the Moldovan electorate is deliberately divided into two camps. “Of course, there are things that will create problems and the atmosphere in which these elections will take place, as well as fierce competition. The electorate is deliberately divided into two camps, so people prefer to stay at home, many are disappointed by the atmosphere. Of course, coagulation of the right-wing forces is required, but the right-wing forces are responsible for what they do. We have something in common with the left and the right-wing parties, we are a pro-European, center-left party. We need to work to mobilize people,” Dumitru Diacov said. Recall, early parliamentary elections will take place in the Republic of Moldova on July 11. By the CEC's decision, the election campaign starts on June 12.