Cebotari: Pro Moldova Will Run Independently in Elections

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The Pro Moldova Party will participate in the forthcoming early elections independently. This was stated by the deputy of the political formation Vladimir Cebotari in the program Cutia Neagră on the TV8 channel. "Pro Moldova will participate in these early elections. Most likely, it will participate independently, because coagulation on the right segment is not observed. Many parties are driven by ambition, and some of them also by selfishness," Cebotari said. At the same time, Cebotari noted that Pro Moldova is involved in consultations with certain political parties. To date, one electoral bloc has been reported. It is Renato Usatii bloc, which was formed by Our Party and the Rodina Party. The electoral bloc has already been registered by the CEC. Acting PAS chairman Igor Grosu said that the party he represents will participate in the elections on its own. Yesterday, PCRM representatives announced that Vladimir Voronin will start consultations with the PSRM to address opportunities for an electoral bloc.