They Believe in Kiev that about 100 thousand Russian Soldiers Remain at the Borders of Ukraine

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The Ukrainian security service estimates the number of Russian armed forces stationed near the Ukrainian borders at about 100,000. Speaking at a meeting on security issues, the Head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov said that he announced this assessment on Tuesday, May 11, at the Ukraine 30. Country Security forum. According to him, "tanks, aircraft, warships, helicopters, battalion tactical groups and groups of missile forces and artillery are concentrated near the borders of Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula." The Head of the SBU drew attention to the fact that currently two-thirds of the length of the Ukrainian border remains vulnerable. But the rest of the border - in the western direction - also requires special attention, Bakanov added. In early spring, Russia sent about 120 thousand soldiers and officers to the annexed Crimea and to the border with Donbass. This aroused suspicions in the West and Ukraine that preparations for the war had begun, Deutsche Welle writes. Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk said that his country will be even more energetic in seeking NATO membership. The Russian Defense Ministry explained troops transfer as a reaction to the "threatening actions" of the North Atlantic Alliance and the need to check the combat readiness of the Russian army. On April 22, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced the return to the points of permanent deployment of tens of thousands of servicemen, who in recent weeks had been transferred to the border with Donbass and to the annexed Crimea. At the same time, Shoigu ordered the troops to be ready for any immediate response if "unfavorable developments in the areas of NATO exercises Defender Europe." US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said last week that a significant number of Russian forces are still at the border with Ukraine.