US Ambassador: Transdniestria Should Be under Chisinau’s Administrative Control

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US Ambassador to Moldova Derek Hogan claims that the Transdniestrian conflict settlement plays a very important role for the United States. The American approach to resolving this conflict is determined by the fact that Transdniestria should be under Chisinau’s administrative control, that is, the government of the Republic of Moldova, quoted. “We support the full reintegration of Transdniestria into the Republic of Moldova. One of the factors in the conflict settlement concerns the consolidation of positions in the Republic of Moldova, since there are many approaches on the right bank of the Dniester, and a single strategy needs to be formed. About two years ago, when Maia Sandu was prime minister, an attempt was made to shape this strategy but her government colleagues tried to shape a strategy that would bring all parliamentary parties together. I watched this attempt to form a common policy in Chisinau,”- Derek Hogan said after speaking to the students of the Faculty of International Relations of the State University of Moldova. Hogan emphasizes that if, after early elections on July 11, a government that will receive the support of the parliamentary majority is formed, this will give an impetus to the conflict resolution. At the end of May, a meeting of mediators and observers in the settlement of the Transdniestrian conflict - the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the OSCE, the EU and the United States - will take place to discuss the Transdniestrian problem and give a new impetus to the resumption of dialogue between Tiraspol and Chisinau.