Usatii: Nastase Had a Plan to Extradite Me to Russia

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The leader of Our Party, Mayor of Balti, Renato Usatii, claims that the chairman of the DA Platform party Andrei Năstase was hatching the idea of ​​extraditing Usatii to the Russian Federation. The politician said this during the program "Territory of Freedom" with Lilia Buracovschi, reports. "My opinion about him (about Andrei Nastase - ed.) changed when I became convinced that he serves Dodon and some villains' interests," Usatii said. "I'll tell you about one story. What did Andrei Nastase do on the second or third day of his tenure as Minister of Internal Affairs? Do you remember my return through Sculeani? He held a number of meetings from 6 to 8 in the morning, during this time he spoke several times with Dodon (no questions here, they were officially in the coalition) and with some scum and tried to develop a plan on how to legally formalize my extradition," the Our Party leader said. "He is told that this cannot be done, Moldova does not extradite its citizens, this is spelled out in the Constitution, there can be no maneuvers here," Usatii said. "He came up with a plan to arrest me on the bridge between Romania and Moldova, on neutral territory, and to take me out in transit. For a lawyer, a former prosecutor, this is a shame. I have evidence, while there were people who told him, "Andrei, your rating will be ruined in an hour after you do this," the Our Party chairman summed up.