More than 90,000 Citizens Abroad Have Registered to Participate in the Elections

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More than 90,000 Moldovan citizens have registered in advance to vote abroad in the early parliamentary elections on July 11, 2021. Most of the registrations were made in Italy, Great Britain and Germany, reports. More specifically, the majority of the citizens who registered in advance were those working in Italy - 19,163 applications, followed by labor migrants working in the UK - 14,571 applications and 12,045 applications from labor migrants in Germany. Pre-registration is an additional service with which you can announce your intention to vote in a certain locality abroad, if you are a citizen of the Republic of Moldova and have the right to vote. The purpose of pre-registration is to establish the approximate number of voters who will vote outside the country, so that later, with the consent of the country's authorities, additional polling stations will be opened abroad, as well as to determine the approximate number of ballots that will be distributed to the respective polling stations. There are two ways to register: - online, on the registration page - upon written request (individually or in groups) to the Central Election Commission (119 V. Alexandri str., Chisinau mun., MD-2012) and/or in diplomatic missions, consular offices of the Republic of Moldova. The application form can be downloaded. About 243,000 citizens voted in the second round of the 2020 presidential election with a record turnout. Early parliamentary elections will be held on July 11. This decision was taken after Maia Sandu signed a decree dissolving parliament, after the Constitutional Court's positive response to dissolve the legislature.