Slusari: The Government Is Trying to Compromise the Romanian Aid

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Vice-Chairman of the DA Platform Alexandru Slusari said that the central authorities are blocking the delivery of diesel fuel to farmers affected by the drought. According to the politician, the Agency for Material Reserves stores fuel at the oil depot and is in no hurry to distribute it to farmers, reported. “I am more and more convinced that the Dodon government is trying to compromise as much as possible the assistance provided by Romania in the form of diesel fuel for our farmers. Material Reserves Agency employees stored fuel in the north, at one company's oil depot. To date, the Romanian side has not received a list of beneficiaries - farmers affected by drought,” Slusari wrote. Moreover, the MP claims that some officials are spreading rumors that the diesel fuel is of poor quality and it is dangerous to mix it with other diesel fuel that Moldovan farmers have. "Disgusting! As far as I know, diesel from Romania is Euro 5 and meets all European standards. And after discussions with several farmers from the south and from the center of the country, I can say with confidence that the vast majority of agricultural producers have nothing to mix with diesel from Romania. because they have not had fuel for a long time due to lack of finance,” the politician stated. The Slusari believes that the longer the process of distributing diesel fuel is delayed, the more suspicions there will be that there are attempts to steal a certain amount of diesel fuel or dilute it. “Employees of the Agency for Material Reserves and the Ministry of Agriculture hold daily meetings without the participation of farmers' representatives, and after each meeting they informally complain that they cannot transport diesel fuel, that they cannot distribute it based on maps, that the logistics are complicated, etc. What Well, since December 2020, you've had 6 months! At the center of it all is incompetence or malevolence! We demand from the current government maximum transparency in the procedure for managing the fraternal aid provided by Romania. Any attempt to discredit this process will be exposed and severely punished!” The parliamentarian noted.