Oleg Tofilat: The Situation at the MRW Needs to Be Changed

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The new head of the Moldovan Railway Oleg Tofilat said that "the railway is an excellent reason to show your strength, to show that in this country it is possible differently." “Previously, a “feudal lord” was appointed there, who “cut the rent”. After a certain time, this balance was no longer possible to maintain, and for the last 5 years it became difficult to pay wages and deal with the railway as before,” Tofilat said during the program “Territory of Freedom” with Lilia Buracovschi ,  ipn.md reported. He said that "now the situation is critical, it is impossible to manage the railway as before. Something needs to be changed and it was necessary to change a long time ago." "To say that one has only to appoint a good manager and everything will change is nonsense. This is a necessary condition, but not sufficient," the adviser to the head of the Cabinet of Ministers emphasizes. it was bad, but a little better. There were no new wagons and locomotives. There was no vision of what the market was and how we relate to competitors - with trucks, river transport, and so on,” states the new head of Moldovan Railway. Commenting on the situation with delays in the payment of wages, Tofilat emphasized that it is quite possible to find resources to pay salaries to the employees of the state-owned enterprise. “Debt changes every day. Every week something is paid off, every month debt accumulates. The candidate for the position of the head of the railway does not know the intricacies of accounting. Next week we will tackle this issue and study how to issue a salary. We must show people a clear vision of the near future. At the same time, it would be a lie to say that I will take 30 million out of my pocket,” Oleg Tofilat noted. “I will tell you how we will find the money in the coming weeks. We will find out what debts are for each unit, what are the receipts, how the debts have been closed to whom and who is next in line for payment,” the adviser to the head of the Cabinet emphasized.