Moscow Promised Minsk Assistance Due to Sanctions

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Moscow promises to help Minsk if the European Union imposes economic sanctions. Encourages "not to take impulsive measures." The Russian Foreign Ministry declares that Moscow will defend Belarus if the European Union imposes economic sanctions on it. This was stated by the director of the Department of Economic Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry Dmitry, RIA Novosti reported on Monday, May 31. “I think that we will defend our partner Belarus, help our allies. And what the Westerners are thinking up against Belarus causes absolutely negative emotions. it is to react, not to make hasty statements, "the diplomat said. He noted that Moscow's approach "is not to take impulsive measures." In particular, speaking about a possible ban on the transit of Russian gas, Birichevsky said that "it is necessary to calculate how this will affect the economy and existing contracts." “We cannot react to the measures that have been introduced against another country, we need to discuss this with partners and see what we can do,” he commented on the possibility of a response in the event that the EU imposes sanctions against Minsk affecting the transit of Russian gas. Last week, the EU announced that it had launched new sanctions against Belarus. At the same time, the sectors to which they will apply have not yet been determined. In response, Alexander Lukashenko called on Western countries to end sanctions pressure on Belarus. Also, Minsk stated it has already prepared special protective measures in case of new sanctions introduction.