PCRM Leader Met with US Ambassador: Parties Discussed Early Elections

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The US government is interested in "holding fair and transparent elections in Moldova, preventing electoral fraud and building relations with all structures of the Moldovan government in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Moldova." This was stated by the US Ambassador to Moldova Derek Hogan at a meeting at the end of last week with the PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin,  infotag.md reported. According to the report, the parties discussed the political situation in Moldova on the eve of early parliamentary elections, noting "the unsatisfactory reform of the Moldovan justice, as well as the problems faced by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova in the exercise of their rights and freedoms, and, first of all, corruption at all levels of government which led to a catastrophic impoverishment of the population. " Voronin reaffirmed the commitment of the PCRM as a component of the electoral bloc of communists and socialists "to preserve the statehood, independence and permanent neutrality of the Republic of Moldova, ensure social justice for all its citizens, strengthen good-neighborly relations with strategic partners and neighboring states, and the European modernization of the republic." According to the report, the American diplomat "highly appreciated the contribution of the Party of Communists to the development of the country, strengthening of its sovereignty, preservation and development of its national characteristics, culture and traditions, and confirmed its readiness for further relations with the PCRM."