"Moldova is at a dangerous line today." PCRM-PSRM bloc entered the election campaign

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The pre-election bloc of communists and socialists officially entered the election campaign on June 8. As the head of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) Igor Dodon noted at the start of the campaign, the team of the PSRM-PCRM electoral bloc is the most prepared to deal with people's problems. In turn, the leader of the Party of Communists, Vladimir Voronin, said that the outcome of the parliamentary elections could affect the sovereignty of Moldova. The event, which took place in the building of an industrial plant, was attended by candidates for deputies from the bloc Vladimir Voronin, Igor Dodon, Petru Burduja, Alla Darovanaia, Vladimir Odnostalco, Radu Mudreac, Oleg Reidman, member of the coordinating council of the Young Guard Eecaterina Medvedeva and Constantin Staris. “As you know, there are many competitors involved in this election campaign. But the most professional, experienced and prepared team that can solve the problems of citizens is the team of communists and socialists. (…) Unfortunately, in recent years, especially in the last 10 years, our country has been facing various social and economic problems. In Moldova, the level of poverty is growing, schools are being closed, villages are disappearing. And the only solution is the arrival of a professional team after July 11, which will solve people's problems,” said the chairman of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon. The program of the pre-election bloc of communists-socialists includes six priority tasks: the development of the industrial sector, agriculture, infrastructure, the solution of social problems, the restoration of the health care system, the development of the education system, and the field of culture. The leader of the communists Vladimir Voronin, in turn, spoke about the threat of the disappearance of Moldova as a state. “Moldova is at a dangerous line today. We will either preserve the sovereignty and independence of the country, or Moldova may disappear from the world map. It all depends on you, on each person individually. All the candidates who run for parliament, and this is a huge number of parties, also from somewhere rewrite all sorts of theses, different programs. They go and tell you all sorts of fairy tales. But look at the realities: what a person has done in life up to this time, what he is capable of, what issues he solved, where he came from in the Moldovan politics - and draw a conclusion,” said the PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin. The Central Election Commission on May 21 published the full list of candidates for deputies from the electoral bloc of socialists and communists. The list of 102 candidates is headed by PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin. He is followed by the chairman of the PSRM Igor Dodon. In third place - Zinaida Grechanii, in fourth - Vlad Batrancea, and in fifth - Oleg Reidman. At the end of the list of the first ten names are Bogdan Tsardea, Ala Dolinta, Alla Pilipetscaia, Elena Bodnarenco and Alexandru Suhodolschi.