Sandu Hopes Moldovans Will Elect "Honest People" to Parliament

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Moldovan President Maia Sandu hopes the people of the republic will vote for "honest people" in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Speaking at the online forum "Democracy in Action", Sandu spoke about corruption in the country's judicial and banking systems and pointed out the need for reforms to change this situation, reported. According to her, "this is a complex reform, despite the fact that in Moldova this reform is supported by a huge number of citizens." "For this we need a majority in parliament, which will support the adoption of laws aimed at combating corruption. In a few weeks we will have parliamentary elections, and I really hope that Moldovans will continue to support honest people," Sandu said. Early parliamentary elections are scheduled for July 11. As of Monday, 17 parties and blocs had submitted documents for registration, 14 of which were allowed by the Central Election Commission to participate in the elections.