Litvinenco: Upon Joining Parliament, PAS Will Engage in the Fight against Corruption

The Action and Solidarity party told what laws they are going to adopt if they are elected to parliament.

This was discussed at a press conference on Thursday, reported.

“First, we propose a complete reboot of the institutions of the justice system. We are talking about the reform of the prosecutor’s office according to the model of the National Directorate of Anti-Corruption (DNA) of Romania. The prosecutor’s office will deal exclusively with corruption on an especially large scale, have the necessary set of tools and autonomy to conduct an investigation. , we will create an anti-corruption tribunal and an anti-corruption appeal chamber, which will consider cases of corruption at a high level. The selection of prosecutors and judges will be carried out by independent commissions of experts, including foreign ones, “PAS MP candidate Sergiu Litvinenco promised.

According to him, PAS will also propose amendments to the Constitution to allow for the confiscation of property of officials, the origin of which they cannot indicate. At the same time, the presumption of innocence will not work here – “the officials themselves will have to prove the legality of ownership, and not vice versa.”

“Thirdly, we will propose a draft amendment to the Constitution on the deprivation of the immunity of the president and deputies in the event of acts of corruption. or an indication in the declarations of property at a reduced value,” Litvinenco assured.