Nikol Pashinyan's Party Wins Elections in Armenia

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According to the CEC, the Civil Contract party has more than a twofold advantage over its rivals. The Civil Contract Party of acting PM Nikol Pashinyan won the snap parliamentary elections in Armenia. As the Armenian Central Election Commission reported on Monday morning, June 21, the counting of ballots from all 2,008 polling stations showed the Civil Contract won 53.92% of the votes, and the Armenia bloc led by ex-President Robert Kocharyan is second with 21.04%. The I Have Honor bloc formed around Armenian ex-President Serzh Sargsyan's party gained 5.23% of the voters, and the Prosperous Armenia Party led by one of the largest Armenian entrepreneurs Gagik Tsarukyan was backed by 3.96% of voters. The parliamentary elections in Armenia had a turnout of 49.4%. 25 political forces competed for the right to form a new government. To get into parliament, party blocs need 7% and parties need 5%.