"I learned a long time ago what power is." Voronin addresses to the ruling faction

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Vladimir Voronin, MP of the Communists and Socialists Bloc, speaking in parliament on July 29, called on the ruling faction and the opposition to join forces to save Moldova from the "catastrophic situation" that has arisen in the country over the past 10 years. At the same time, Voronin noted that he was the last legitimate president of Moldova, since "the election of subsequent presidents was based on a decision imposed by the oligarchic regime, adopted by five members of the Constitutional Court." As Voronin noted, “Moldova is on the brink of a national catastrophe”. According to him politicians and government officials who have been at the helm of the country for the past 10 years has driven the country to this condition. And now, according to Voronin, both the authorities and the opposition must change the situation in the country. “I learned a long time ago what power is you. And the opposition is us. The same sovereign and indivisible Moldovan people, who speak in different languages andthink in different ways, chose us. They chose us to work for people’s good and for country’s good," Voronin said. He noted that even during the election campaign, the parties had a hand to divide society, and now is the time to unite it. “It's time to stop this senseless political war. Once in an interview, I said that I would like to live to see the day when the ruling coalition will have 101 MPs. This is, of course, a dream. But if you like you may call it a political ideal, Voronin said. Addressing the ruling party, Voronin said that both the current government and the opposition must find common ground to resolve pressing issues. “We are not crammed into your allies. We don't need this. And you too. You have enough votes to rule, we have enough to strictly control your every step, to criticize and to propose other solutions. But there are issues in which we could find common ground,” Voronin emphasized. He also said that now, first of all, it is necessary to develop a new Constitution. “In recent years, the Constitution has been turned into a weak-willed servant of the government. Constitutional Court made 22 changes to the text of the Constitution under the pressure of the corrupt regime, without having any right to do so. Each of these changes was an act of violence against the fundamental state document and, therefore, over the constitutional and state system. No matter how strange it may sound, if we take the purely legal side of the matter, then I was the last legitimate president of the Republic of Moldova. Since the election of the next presidents is based on a decision imposed by the oligarchic regime, taken by five members of the Constitutional Court,” Voronin said. Voronin proposed to create a constitutional assembly with the participation of politicians, experts, including foreign ones, and representatives of civil society to develop amendments to the Constitution, “The adoption of the new Basic Law at a national referendum will become a good foundation for the society consolidation, formation of the Moldovan civil nation, and will put an end to speculation around some provisions of the current Constitution,” Voronin said. Remind you that on July 29 the parliament gathered for a meeting to form factions and elect the leadership of the parliament.