Valeriu Pasha: Pension increase is a serious burden on the budget

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WatchDog community expert Valeriu Pasha believes that the promised pension increase announced by the future Cabinet of Ministers of Natalia Gavrilita will have a significant burden on the state budget of the Republic of Moldova. He stated this during the program “Territory of Freedom” with Lilia Buracovschi, reports “One of the main promises of the new government is to increase the minimum pension. It is clear that there is no clear draft yet, you need to think over and calculate everything, because this means an additional burden on the budget. This is clear to everyone, including pensioners,” Pasha said. “As far as I understood, we are talking about increasing the very quantum of the minimum pension from 1200 lei to 2000 lei. This does not mean that the smallest pension will be 2,000 lei, because now there are people who receive less than 1,200 lei. This is the indicator of the minimum pension, on which the calculation is based. Further, those who receive more than 1200 lei will have questions about how much their pensions will be raised. There is no clear answer here. It is clear that it will not be possible to raise pensions proportionally to everyone,” the expert said. “You can't please everyone. But it is absolutely clear that the approach is to give people the opportunity to have a minimum income so that they can do something,” Valeriu Pasha concluded.