Litvinenko: We organize public consultations on all bills

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The bill providing for the introduction of an assessment of the activities of the prosecutor general and his disciplinary responsibility will be considered by the parliament in the first reading this Friday. And then it will be submitted for public discussions, where prosecutor's office representatives will also participate. This was announced by the Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenko on the program "In the center of attention", reports. In his opinion, the current Prosecutor General Alexander Stoyanoglo has compromised himself with ties to Veaceslav Platon. Both have repeatedly denied their existence. "We will fully comply with parliamentary procedures. We will probably organize public consultations with all the parties involved. I want to see how the prosecutor's office argues why there should be absolutely no opportunity to assess the activities of the prosecutor general, whether he copes with his duties or not." Litvinenko also explained why it is proposed to refuse to hold a public competition for the position of head of the National Anti-Corruption Center: “Basically, I am a supporter of the competition. The problem is that politicians are not the best evaluators in competitions, because of political factors. If you create a competition commission, then you need to include socialists in it, and they, I assure you, do not know what a real competition is." According to the proposed bill, at least 20 deputies will have to nominate a candidate for the position of head of the NAC. Litvinenko noted that the PAS did not discuss the candidacy for the post of head of the NAC. The Socialist Party opposed the proposed by the PAS amendments to the legislation. It stated in a press release that appointments to the judiciary without competition meant politicization and the establishment of control over justice. It also expressed the opinion that before being presented to the deputies for voting, such initiatives must pass the examination of the Venice Commission. Note, the NAC now is headed by Ruslan Flocea, who was appointed in July 2019 by the votes of the PSRM deputies and the ACUM bloc.