Durlesteanu: The New Government Outweighed Dodon and PSRM in Lies

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Former Finance Minister Mariana Durlesteanu criticizes the fact that Maia Sandu's relatives took office in parliament and government, which was confirmed by both the president and the speaker, Igor Grosu. Mariana Durlesteanu posted this on her Facebook page. "I think they outweighed Dodon and PSRM in lies. I am referring to the 'sacrifices' Maia Sandu's relatives made for the government and parliament. Then why was Gheorghe Petic from the DA Platform rejected by Maia Sandu when he tried to "sacrifice himself" for the presidency? And why wasn't Svetlana Spoiala, a Moldovan from the diaspora, whose resume features employment in the Council of Europe, accepted to "sacrifice" herself to the government? And how is it that good people refuse a salary of thousands of euros in favor of a salary of thousands of lei? What is their interest after all? Or, as the phrase has it, good people receive not only official salaries, but also thick envelopes? Besides, why were Maia Sandu and PAS, before coming to power, used to insist on public competitions if now placing relatives in jobs is called a 'sacrifice'?" Mariana Durlesteanu writes. Let us remind you that President Maia Sandu admitted that the press secretary of the Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita is her "relative", but insisted that this was not a conflict of interest. According to Maia Sandu, her cousin even sacrificed herself by accepting the government post, "She went for a lower salary because the prime minister asked her to come to the Cabinet."