Dodon: Sandu and Zelensky Will Leave Moldova without Water

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PSRM Chairman Igor Dodon accuses Maia Sandu and Volodymyr Zelensky of "secret talks". This refers to a discussion about the expansion of the Novodnistrovskaya HPP in Ukraine, which, in his opinion, could leave most of the Moldovan consumers without drinking water, reports. The Socialist leader said in a broadcast on Primul în Moldova that this explains the lack of reaction from the Chisinau authorities to the construction of new turbines at this hydroelectric power station. "Surely, they arrived at some agreement, because there is silence in all government offices. Look, they have created a separate ministry of ecology. Why don't they raise the Dniester issue? This river supplies Chisinau with water. We see what's going on with the Dniester. And we understand who is to blame. This is the fault of the power plants that are being built and commissioned. When our government was in power, we were clearly opposed to that," Dodon said. Ukraine has announced that it will expand the Novodnistrovskaia HPP by building new power plants on the Dniester.