Voronin on Unification with PSRM: We Are Incompatible

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PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin commented on the possibility of merging the Communist Party and the Socialist Party headed by Igor Dodon. PCRM chairman rejected the possibility of the two parties unification, realitatea.md reports. "We are ideologically incompatible. We have our own ideology, and the socialists - I don't know what their ideology is. But the unification was not discussed. Stop talking about the merger! Our faction enjoys cooperation and mutual respect," Vladimir Voronin said on the air of the program on Moldova1 TV channel. Socialist leader Igor Dodon previously noted that such a scenario is possible, although he admitted that it was not officially discussed. Recall, Igor Dodon and Zinaida Greceanîi, as well as several other socialists, were members of the PCRM, headed by Vladimir Voronin. Subsequently, they left the party and joined the PSRM, taking leading positions in this political formation. At that time, Voronin dubbed them as "traitors", but in the elections in July this year, the Socialists and Communists put their claims aside and created a common bloc, gaining 32 seats in the Legislative Assembly. Point