Slusari: I Am Waiting for Other Persons in the "Laundromat" Case to Be Detained

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Former deputy of Platform DA Alexandru Slusari claims that he is awaiting the detention of other persons who were involved in the Laundromat case. “The accusation against Stoianoglo of abuse of power in 2011 with the aim of promoting an amendment that facilitated the Laundromat process is an important precedent,” Slusari believes, reports. At the same time, the politician said that he expects the detention of other people in the near future. “Dragutan, Leanca, Candu, Arapu - for amending the legislation in September 2014, taking responsibility and facilitating the issuance of state guarantees in November 2014 with legal violations and without introducing the NBM administration in three banks. Valeriu Lazar - for promoting and preparing the illegal Government Decision No. 321 of May 30, 2013, which provides for a closed competition for the airport concession with a € 9 aviation fee withholding. Candu, Dodon, Gaburici, as well as other deputies and statesmen - for promoting, signing and adopting all regulations related to the alienation of 59 hectares of agricultural land in the Stavceni commune for the Arena Nationala complex. Viorel Morari - for deliberately misleading the investigation into the theft of a billion, being the head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, having received a Kroll-2 report in March 2018 indicating the main beneficiaries of the robbery of the banking system,” says Slusari. According to him, the list could be much longer, but these cases have the greatest resonance and caused the most significant damage. In conclusion, the former MP says that he is waiting for the arrest of Viorel Chetraru, who wrote the amendment with a suspensive effect, while holding the post of head of the National Anti-Corruption Center, which was accepted by Stoianoglo as chairman of the parliamentary security commission. Point