The Rada Appointed Stefanchuk as the New Speaker

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The former deputy speaker of the Parliament will take the chair of Razumkov, who was dismissed the day before. Two more people's deputies applied for the position. On Friday, October 8, at a meeting the Verkhovna Rada appointed Ruslan Stefanchuk, having previously held the position of deputy speaker, as the new speaker of the parliament. People's deputies from European Solidarity Alexey Goncharenko and Yana Zinkevich also applied for the position. During the rating vote, 44 people's deputies voted for Goncharenko, and 146 for Zinkevich;Stefanchuk received 257 votes. In the main vote, 261 votes were cast for him. Recall that prior to the elections the Rada dismissed Speaker Dmitry Razumkov by 284 votes. Корреспондент