Moldova Declares “State of Alert” Due to Gas Shortage

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The state of alert in the energy sector has been announced due to the fact that the existing gas supply agreement with Gazprom has expired, and a new one has not yet been signed. During the transition period, Moldova is forced to pay for gas4 times more. The Commission on Emergency Situations has declared an energy alert in the country due to thegasshortage. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of the country Andrei Spinuannounced it on Wednesday evening, October 13. As the Minister noted, the state of alarm in the energy sector was announced in order for the energy sectorenterprises to prepare in the most serious way for possible complex scenarios of the development of events, and state institutions could take measures to provide energy resources and protect citizens in the cold season. Unprecedented energy crisis According to Spinu, in order to save gas, a number of energy complex enterprises, including thermal power plants, have partially switched to fuel oil or coal. The Deputy Prime Minister called the current situation in the country an unprecedented energy crisis and assured that the government is doing everything possible to mitigate the shock that the population is experiencing due to the unbelievably high gas prices. At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development expressed hope that the Moldovan authorities will be able to negotiate with Gazprom on further gas supplies “at reasonable prices”. The previously valid agreement between Moldovagaz and Gazprom expired on September 30. And negotiations on the conclusion of a new long-term contract with the Russian energy giant have not yet been completed. Until it is signed, Chisinau has to buy gas at a price of $ 790 per thousand cubic meters - with an average annual gas purchase price of $ 200 in Moldova this year. DW