Moldova Has Closed 214 Schools Over the Past Ten Years

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According to the Ministry of Education, the country has closed 214 schools over the past decade. This year, two schools were closed. On September 1 this year, the first bell did not ring at the school in the village of Alexeevca, Floresti district. The mayor of the village is convinced that the school being closed will lead to the depopulation of their community, reports. Economically, it was illogical to maintain a two-story school because of eight students, so the Floresti education department decided to close the educational institution in the village of Alexeevca. For the first time in the last 50 years since its construction, children’s voices are no longer heard in the corridors. The assembly hall has been turned into a large furniture warehouse, and books are gathering dust on the shelves. The mayor of the village says he will leave everything as it is in the hope that a well-equipped school may reopen. The school has a functional dining room, an updated heating system, modern windows were installed four years ago. In recent years, only three teachers and a few support staff worked at the school. Four primary classes were opened in the educational institution. Now all the teachers have left: some have found work in Floresti, others have gone abroad. This is not the only settlement in the country that faces such problems. Over the past 10 years, 214 general education institutions of primary and secondary education have been closed in the Republic of Moldova. In its response to Jurnal TV, the Ministry of Education said that the decision to close was made by local public administrations. The buildings remain under their management and cannot be used for purposes other than educational.