Dodon on the “Bag Case”: It’s a Sham, They Can’t Prove a Thing

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Ex-president Igor Dodon said that he is not leaving Moldova, nor he is afraid of possible investigations into a number of corruption cases in which his name is mentioned. “I’m not going to leave the country. I heard some say that Dodon received Russian citizenship. I do not have citizenship of another state. I may need it if I decide to work for a state-owned company in Russia, but I have no such plans. I am staying in Moldova. There are proposals, so I decided to stay in the country. I stay with my party colleagues, we have work to do,” Dodon said, quoted by The politician also commented on the tape in which he receives a black bag from the former PDM leader Vladimir Plahotniuc. According to Dodon, it was staged and nothing can be proven in court. “They are talking about the episode with the bag. What it’s about? The pressured politician is trying to hand over something to a politician who does not accept it. All this is filmed with a hidden camera, which has not been authorized, the recordings of which cannot be used in criminal proceedings. It’s a sham, which was deliberately planted in public to support someone in the presidential election. They got nothing,” Dodon said. He further stated he had no desire to hide behind parliamentary immunity which is why he had renounced his deputy mandate.