Slusari Demands to Initiate Criminal Proceedings: Moldova Has Lost a Quarry with Reserves of 3 Billion Euros

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Aleksandr Slusari claims that Moldova has lost a granite quarry in Ukraine with mineral reserves worth 3 billion euros due to a scheme in which he accuses former MP Vladimir Andronachi and ex-head of the Public Property Agency Ghennadie Tepordei. Slusari warns that “the fact that the Public Property Agency (PPA) has promised to challenge the tender for the right to extract crushed granite in Pervomaisk should not reassure us” and asks the institution to answer “how we ended up in such a situation and what are the risks”, reports “I remind you that in the spring of 2020, my colleagues from Platform DA panicked about the possible theft of two Moldovan quarries in Ukraine. A man of Andronaki and the Ukrainian oligarch Prodivus, Yevgeny Buzgan got a job at the PPA, received all the powers and twice changed the administrator of the Pervomaisky quarry, as well as the legal address of the company. The new address, as you can see, coincides with the office of Vladimir Prodivus’ main company. Administrator Dmitriy Artemov worked for 18 months for the Ukrainian oligarch. Knowing full well that the Ukrainian side is preparing to take the quarry, the man did not notify the PPA, but provided the Ukrainian authorities with advice on the preparation of the tender from a technical point of view. At the same time, the PPA leadership stated at the hearings in the parliamentary commission on economy, budget and finance that everything was fine. They said that Buzgan was an effective manager and he wanted to save the quarries, although this man laughed at us and said at that meeting that the quarry in Pervomaisk was flooded and we had no chance to restore it. He proposed to give up the right to mine granite for a minimum amount of 3 billion euros. By the way, I remind you that Moldova received ownership of 2 quarries in 2010 in exchange for the transfer of control over the dam in Naslavche, which started all the problems on the Dniester”, Slusar posted in the social media. The former deputy demands to initiate criminal proceedings against persons involved in the situation with Moldovan quarries in Ukraine. “I suspect that the prosecutor’s office should ask the heads of the PPA Economic Security Department what they were doing while preparing the theft. Although now these gentlemen have dressed as “good people” and have been appointed to leadership positions. I think there should be questions to the “technocrat” from Plahotniuc-Dodon’s entourage, the prime minister of that period, Mr. Ion Chicu, since the PPA reports directly to the government. Even that's not all, dear citizens. Buzgan also changed the administrator and the legal address in the sanatorium “Moldova” in the city of Truskavets. The situation here is aggravated by the fact that at the moment it is unclear who exactly from Moldova manages this asset, as well as the sanatorium “Moldova” in Odessa and the sanatorium “Health” in Sergeevka. In the constituent documents, the founder is the State Chancellery. Then the right of management passed to Medsan, the sole founder of which is the Chancery. At the moment, the Office states that the administration function is being transferred to the PPA, but legally this has not happened. This situation of chaos is ideal for scammers to get a sanatorium in Truskavets, which is relatively modern and profitable”, Slusari added.