Dodon: Eleven Lei Per Cubic Meter of Gas Is a Complete Disaster

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More than 11 lei per cubic meter of gas (VAT inclusive) will lead to a chain price increase. The population will freeze in winter and become completely impoverished. These are shameful results of the first 100 days of the Gavrilita government, Igor Dodon noted. “People should not pay for the stupidity and arrogance of the authorities. If the PAS government did not take care of negotiations with Gazprom in advance, in the summer, if the president provoked a diplomatic crisis with Russia, it is solely their fault. And now it is the sole responsibility of the management to correct these mistakes and provide full compensation to all social categories, including economic agents, so that gas tariffs do not provoke a chain increase in prices for all services and goods. The PAS and the head of state should talk to America and Europe, with Soros and the rest, with all their masters and political partners and find money, not interest-bearing loans, to help the population,” he stressed, reports. The majority of citizens, Igor Dodon noted, could hardly pay 4 lei for gas in conditions when prices for almost all goods and services have increased, and 11 lei is a complete disaster, which will result in pensioners and socially vulnerable categories of the population dying from cold, disease or hunger. “Is it that people who paid about 1,000 lei for heating per month will now have to pay 2,000? Where will they get the money if instead of “European income” they suffer today because of salary arrears? We demand that the government intervene immediately and use all economic and political tools to provide full compensation to citizens. Otherwise, people will reserve the right to protect their interests, health and life in other ways,” the Socialist leader concluded.