Gavrilita Reports on the Government’s First 100 Days

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On Thursday, November 11, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Natalia Gavrilita presented a report on the 100-day rule. The prime minister noted that action plans had been seriously adjusted due to the global and regional events, reports. According to the Prime Minister, the Republic of Moldova had faced three crises these days: a pandemic, a price and a gas one. Government solutions to overcome the pandemic crisis:
  • purchased 400,000 rapid antigen tests and ensured their use, which increased case detection;
  • reduced fees for the service of detecting coronavirus infection;
  • created a monitoring group of the Ministry of Health within the Emergency Call Service 112;
  • purchased vaccines and promoted immunization;
  • introduced a set of measures and support for employers and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • distributed new batches of ventilators and equipment in hospitals to combat the pandemic;
  • conducted checks of persons in self-isolation and checks of economic agents;
  • implemented an electronic system for the COVID-19 certificate;
  • introduced a system that allows completing the epidemiological card online;
  • increased the support staff in hospitals by 57%;
  • HoReCa system receives 6% VAT.
Price crisis: * minimum pension of 2000 lei for people with a full contribution period; * increase of social benefits by significant amounts (250-500 lei/month); * extension of the assistance program for the cold period (from 500 to 700 lei per month); * a mechanism for partial compensation of natural gas and heating bills has been developed; * compensation for the coolant consumption. Gas crisis: * Purchase of missing volumes from alternative sources to maintain pressure in the transmission system; * Initiation of procedures that led to the declaration of a state of readiness, and then a state of emergency on the natural gas market, which allowed the state-owned company Enrgocom to purchase gas from alternative sources for the first time in the country’s history; * Vigorous diplomacy, which allowed receiving international support; * Facilitating the signing of the Moldovagaz-Gazprom contract according to the price formula that the government considers advantageous. “These three crises did not deter us from resolutely following our basic plan, which includes: cleaning up state institutions, cleaning up justice, directing cash flows from theft to investment and creating an institutional structure to ensure Moldova’s transformation into a modern European country,” Natalia Gavrilita said.