Spinu: Carriers Demand to Triple the Current Tariff

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Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu stated that carriers prefer to communicate with the authorities through the press, and also accused them of telling half-truths. The minister claims that transport workers demand doubling and sometimes tripling of the tariff, reports realitatea.md “It should be clear to everyone that there will be no double, triple tariffs invented from whole cloth, as well as there will be no unreasonable calculations. I'm sorry that they blackmail people in the first place. I am for the freedom of protest. If they want to protest, let them do it within the law. There is no need to blackmail people by stopping transport, especially in conditions when they demand doubling or tripling of tariffs”, Spinu commented. At the same time, the minister said that carriers demand an increase in the tariff by more than one lei, which “will not happen until the situation is assessed”. Recall that the Association of Employers of Motor Transport Operators (APOTA) accused the authorities of inaction and announced protests.