Expert on Price Growth: The Shockwave Will Be Very Strong

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The increase in the gas tariff will put pressure on the budgets of the Moldova’s population in the amount of 4 billion lei. In addition, there will be a chain of price increases that will follow the current prices for heat, products and services, while inflation for the next year is estimated at 15%. This was stated by experts who took part in the program on the Jurnal TV channel. “Let’s make a simple calculation. We see how much the gas tariff has increased and what is its consumption during the cold season. The calculation will lead to a figure of 4 billion lei. Thus, the pressure exerted on household budgets in the Republic of Moldova as a result of tariff increases amounts to about four billion lei at the national level. The situation is very difficult. It is clear that the state cannot compensate for all the growth. The shock we will be exposed to will be very strong. The price of electricity and thermal energy will increase. We already have a very high inflation rate. In the III-IV semester of next year, it will reach 15%”, said economic expert Viorel Girbu. “It is important to note that, as for the next year, the NBM made a forecast when the gas price was not known. The gas price started at $600, but in the end we got $450. So it won’t necessarily be 15%”, commented PAS deputy Dan Perciun. Point