Grosu: Sor Representatives Made Financial Offers to the CEC Members

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Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu has made serious accusations against representatives of the Sor Party, saying that they tried to bribe members of the Central Election Commission so that Marina Tauber would not be excluded from the elections in Balti. Grosu hinted that in the case of the Balti judges there were also attempts of corruption. On the other hand, Marina Tauber rejected all the accusations, saying that she is a “casualty of the system”, reports “On the day when the CEC has not yet made a decision, representatives of this political party came up with financial offers,” Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said when journalists asked him how he would comment on Marina Tauber’s accusations of PAS involvement in her withdrawal from the elections. “After the decision was made in the CEC, they moved to the north. I can’t say how much we are talking about at the moment, but it’s significant for Moldova,” Igor Grosu added. Marina Tauber categorically denied the accusations. “I believe Igor Grosu has too much imagination. I think after everything that has happened, all those who hold certain responsible positions should resign,” commented the deputy of the Sor Party. Moreover, Marina Tauber stated that justice in the country has been seized and called on the parliament to adopt a joint declaration on the captured nature of the state, creating the so-called “National Salvation Front”. Recall that the second round of elections in Balti will be held in two weeks, that is, on December 19, 2021. The CEC decided that after the exclusion of Marina Tauber from the race, independent candidate Nicolai Grigorisin and candidate from the PAS party Boris Marcoci will fight for the post of mayor. Immediately after this statement, PAS representatives announced that their candidate was withdrawing his candidacy. Thus, after Boris Marcoci announced that he was abandoning the elections for the post of mayor of Balti, the struggle is to unfold between the independent candidate Nicolai Grigorisin and the BoCS candidate Alexandr Nesterovschi.