Spinu: It’s a Shame How Gazprom Treated Moldovan Consumers

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Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu said that an external audit in the field of natural gas can resolve all the misunderstandings that have arisen. “It’s a shame that Gazprom behaved this way with gas consumers from the Republic of Moldova. I talked about this in September and October. Moldovagaz signed a contract with Gazprom on the last day of September, and then it was signed for an average base amount of 5.4 million per day. When I was in Moscow with Mr. Kulminski, I received additional confirmation that the supply would increase by 35%, but it never did. Even at the market price, the Republic of Moldova did not receive enough gas,” Spinu said in a broadcast on JurnalTV. When asked whether there is a provision in the new contract that specifies that if Gazprom does not supply the required volume of gas, the company will have to pay us a fine, Andrei Spinu said that this is why government officials insist on conducting an audit. According to the Minister, such an audit will allow checking the source of the debt and finding out whether the Republic of Moldova’s rights as a shareholder of Moldovagaz have been respected throughout history. “We will continue to remain neutral until we have a professional audit that will consider both the legal component of the contract and the financial component between Moldovagaz and the gas supplier Gazprom,” the Deputy Prime Minister added. Point