EU to Increase Security and Defense Support for Eastern Partners

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The European Union intends to strengthen support in the field of security and defense of its eastern partners, including Moldova, amid tensions in relations with Russia over Ukraine. This is stated in the latest version of the upcoming military strategy document of the EU reviewed by Euractiv, reports. The plan of the new EU strategic document was officially presented to the EU Foreign Ministers in early November, after which the member states could make their own edits. Its official approval by EU leaders is expected in March, during the French presidency of the EU Council. The amended draft proposal includes a whole paragraph on Eastern partners stating that “in view of an increasingly challenging security environment that affects the stability and governance of our Eastern partners, we will boost our cooperation in the area of security and defense.” According to the EU, “the challenges faced by these countries, including Russia’s hostile interference and the extensive use of hybrid tactics, compromise their stability and democratic processes and have direct implications for the security of the European Union.” “As close partners to the EU, specific dialogue with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine will be strengthened in areas such as countering hybrid threats, disinformation and cybersecurity,” the statement said. Its authors note that the EU will support its Eastern partners in “building resilience through assistance measures.” According to a new EU tool, the European Peace Facility (EPF), the EU in December decided to start providing security aid to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova in 2022. Point