Gazprom Threatened Moldova with a Gas Shutdown Again

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Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita and Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu explained the difficult situation in Moldova’s energy sector. “Yesterday Gazprom sent an official letter to Moldovagaz, announcing its intention to suspend the supply of natural gas to the Republic of Moldova in case of non-payment of full current consumption until January 20. In other words, we have an official letter informing us that there is a real risk of stopping the supply of natural gas,” Prime Minister Gavrilita said. In this regard, the authorities believe that there is a real threat to the country’s energy security. A meeting of the commission on emergency situations will be held today at 13:00, whose members will analyze the situation on the natural gas market. A Government meeting will be held at 15:00 and the Prime Minister will report on the decisions taken. “My position will be to call on the parliament to introduce a state of emergency in energy,” Gavrilita said. Point