Gazprom Opposes an Audit of Moldovagaz’s Debt

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Gazprom opposes a real audit of Moldovagaz’s alleged debt to the Russian concern and insists on paying the amounts previously announced. This follows from the company’s letter which came to the disposal of a JurnalTV journalist, reports. As reported, on January 25 the letter was sent to the head of Moldovagaz Vadim Ceban by the head of Gazprom's external relations department Elena Burmistrova. Alexandru Slusari, the vice-chairman of the DA Platform, who came to the Jurnal TV studio, said that the content of this letter indicates that the protocol signed by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu and Alexey Miller has no value. “This letter is a frank statement that the audit proposed by the Republic of Moldova does not work, and Mr. Spinu knew about it. The sad conclusion is that Spinu-Miller protocol has no value. Gazprom continues to implement a policy of hybrid warfare. It can be assumed that Gazprom is preparing for an economic war with the Republic of Moldova and is assisted by Moldovagaz,” Slusari said. In response, PAS deputy Alexandru Trubca said that Gazprom's response was expected. “This is the expected answer. Gazprom does not want explanations how these debts were formed. I assume that tomorrow the government will respond to this letter,” the parliamentarian said. At the same time, Watchdog expert Valeriu Pasa noted that the protocol signed by Andrei Spinu and Alexei Miller will cost the Republic of Moldova dearly, including in case of possible lawsuits in international courts. Point