ANRE Gives Dire Predictions: Fuel Prices Will Continue to Rise

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The National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) warns that fuel prices will soon rise. Experts explain this by the fact that Platts quotes for basic petroleum products exceeded $ 910/t for gasoline and $ 820 / t for diesel fuel, an increase of more than $ 250/t for gasoline and $ 220/t for diesel fuel compared to the beginning of December 2021, reports The forecasts for the next period are not encouraging either. “Oil prices will remain extremely volatile and sensitive to updates in Ukraine. If the troops move, Brent crude oil will easily exceed the $100 mark,” the profile analysis quoted by Reuters says. Thus, on 15.02.2022, the National Energy Regulatory Agency set the following maximum retail prices for standard petroleum products: Gasoline A-95 - 23.93 lei/liter; For diesel fuel - 20.81 lei/liter,” writes ANRE. At the same time, ANRE states that the current pricing mechanism for standard petroleum products provides fair, transparent and verifiable prices. “They are affected only by events on the international market and there’s no possibility of oil companies interfering in the pricing process by unjustified increases,” the agency said in a statement. Point