Parlicov: Electricity Tariffs Will Inevitably Increase

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Victor Parlicov, an economic expert at IDIS Viitorul, believes that an increase in the electricity tariff is inevitable. “The current tariffs no longer cover the costs. The tariff can be incresed, and following the negotiations on the final price with the auction winner on April 1, a new decision on the tariff will be made,” Victor Parlicov said on the air of the JurnalTV program. The expert also referred to the statements by the Cuciurgan GRES general director that the price of electricity should double amid an increased price of natural gas. “Gazprom has never been paid, but the plants pay for gas at the domestic level. This price is purely discretionary, it has nothing to do with the gas price at the border and the contract with Gazprom. Absolutely everything that concerns the price of electricity is a political price. All they have done so far is that they watched how much Ukrainians can sell to us, slightly reduced the price so that Ukrainian suppliers could not enter the market, and set domestic gas tariffs so that they correspond to the price they offered,” Parlicov said. Point