Muresan: I Stand for Moldova in the Single Market of the European Union

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MEP Siegfried Muresan sees no obstacles for Moldova to obtain the status of a candidate for European integration. The official acknowledges the presence of political will both in Chisinau and in Brussels, reports Muresan stated that Moldova will benefit from a number of development programs and projects before joining the EU. According to Siegfried Muresan, Moldova will receive the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union, because, as is known, it is important for security in the region and for security within the Union. “The message is very clear: we are getting to work. And I want to do as much as possible at every stage before we can complete the political and institutional accession. I stand for Moldova in the single market of the European Union, which means unlimited economic exchange. Now Moldova has a great opportunity, we must use it to accelerate this accession,” Muresan said. The latest decisions taken by the European Union show that Moldova is regarded as a member state. Chisinau authorities will be able to buy natural gas on the common platform of the European Union. “We will have joint gas purchases not only for EU countries, but also for Moldova, which means that we will buy and store this gas, we will buy it when market conditions are better, in the summer, when the demand for gas is lower. We will be able to make the gas available to countries that need it when they need it,” the MEP said. The MEP also stressed that he does not see any security threats to our country yet. “We see that the Russian Federation is not even facing the Ukrainian army at the moment, the Ukrainian army is recapturing city after city, and the Russians are leaving, they have failed from all military points of view, but we will be alert, careful and united.” Point