Dodon: Moldova Won’tBecome an EU Member in the Next 10-20 Years

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Moldova’sformer president Igor Dodon urged everyone “to be realistic”. Moldova won’t become a member of European Union in next 10-20 years. Former President of Moldova Igor Dodon said this on Tuesday, commenting on a ceremony, during which European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Oliver Varhelyi handed questionnaires to the Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Moldova to start the EU accession procedure, reports. “Let's be realistic: Moldova will not become a member of the EU in the next 10, 15, 20 years. What we see now is just political propaganda,” Dodon said. He added that “even if the republic becomes a candidate for EU membership, there are countries that have been in this state for many years.” President Maia Sandu, who signed Moldova’s application for EU membership on March 3, said last week that she did not know when the country would be accepted into the union. She explained that much will depend on the EU member states and how quickly the European institutions respond to Moldova’s application. Yet, she admitted that Brussels is not yet clear how the decision will be made on the applications, which, together with Moldova, were submitted by Ukraine and Georgia. The Moldovan government signed an association agreement with the European Union in Brussels in 2014, and it finally came into force in 2015. Sandu and the government of Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita, formed by the pro-head of state Action and Solidarity Party, are committed to European integration in foreign policy issues. Point