Valeriu Pasha on Information Security: Granting Powers to SIS Is Unacceptable

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WatchDog expert Valeriu Pasha suggests splitting the bill“on information security” into two separate documents. He voiced this idea on Tuesday at parliamentary hearings on the bill. Pasha proposed that all amendments to the Code on Audiovisual Services be adopted in the second reading in the near future, reports As for the many other amendments to the law on SIS, on freedom of expression, etc., – put it in a separate bill, and submit it for longer and more detailed discussions. “The bill in its current form is something completely new at the level of European legislation. There are no examples of such a nature already working at the level of the legislations of the EU member states. I mean the mechanisms, procedures, terms used,” he said. According to him, we need to think about the “functionality”, because a simple blocking of sites does little to prevent the spread of disinformation –“we need to work on mechanisms, including interaction with administrators of social medias, so that the provisions of the law are implemented in practice.” “And granting such powers to SIS in the current circumstances is simply unacceptable. A system of balances should be developed so that one state security official cannot make such decisions at his own discretion,” Pasha said. He supports the idea of the authorities to make the fight against disinformation more effective, and says that Moldova has a chance to be a pioneer in this regard. But you have to do the job well in order to be taken as an example. The parliament approved the “law on disinformation” in the first reading last Thursday. Amendments to a number of laws imply the expansion of the Information and Security Service's powers: online content providers in the Republic of Moldova will be obliged to remove content that is disinformation or block access to sites on the instructions of the SIS. Point