Sandu Promulgates a Law Banning St. George’s Ribbon

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The head of state, Maia Sandu, announced that she had promulgated a law banning “symbols of war”. “Dear citizens, today I have promulgated a law banning military symbols. The new provisions come into force from the moment of publication. This does not affect our historical memory, and people will still be able to honor the memory of the fallen in the Great Patriotic War. We remember at what price peace was won at that time. Speculating on the history of 1945 to promote aggression against Ukraine today is an insult to the memory of our grandparents. It was our duty to preserve this peace, and therefore we will not allow these symbols to be used in our country,” Maia Sandu said, cited by Earlier, the deputies approved an amendment to the Code of Offenses which bans “symbols and attributes that promote acts of military aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity.” These symbols include a black and orange ribbon known as the “St. George’s ribbon”, as well as the letters Z and V used by Russian troops who invaded Ukraine on February 24. According to the law, the manufacture, sale and storage of these symbols implies a fine of 4,500 to 9,000 lei, or 30 to 60 hours of community service, for individuals and of 9,000 to 18,000 lei – for legal entities and officials. Point