Vereshchuk: Moldova Refrains from Calling It Straight

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Kyiv accused the Moldovan authorities of trying to be loyal to both Kyiv and Moscow in the context of the war in Ukraine. In an interview with the Jurnal TV channel, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk said that Moldova is still providing little support to Ukraine. She also made other harsh statements about Chisinau. Iryna Vereshchuk was outraged by the fact that Moldova applied to join the European Union alongside Ukraine, saying that we would be a “car” attached to a Ukrainian locomotive and that Moldova would try to benefit from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. “Moldova has applied for EU membership trying to gain some kind of economic benefit. I am surprised because we have always supported Madam President. I thought that support was important to her because she personifies the democratic, new image of Moldova with no fear to speak up.” She invited Maia Sandu to Ukraine to see all the horrors of the war, in the hope that this would lead her to take tougher decisions against Russia. Iryna Vereshchuk accused the Chisinau authorities of their attempts not to spoil relations both with either Kyiv or Moscow. “Perhaps another statement is needed to understand that Moldova is with Ukraine, that we have a common problem and a common enemy, that we are not afraid to be left without gas, because this gas means nothing without people? Moldova is shielded by Ukraine, by our women who are being raped, by our children,” Vereshchuk said. Iryna Vereshchuk also stated that she understands that Moldova cannot be as adamant in its actions as the NATO countries, because this will put it at risk but stressed that our authorities avoid calling things by their proper names. The presidential office representatives have not commented on these statements yet. Point