Krasnoselsky: Traces of the Attacks Lead to Ukraine

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Trandsniestrian leader Vadim Krasnoselsky said that the traces of terrorist attacks lead to Ukraine. He appealed to the region's residents in the view of  the latest events. "After three decades of peaceful life since the end of the 1992 war, Transdniestria has become a target of terrorist attacks. Yesterday and today, on April 25 and 26, our state administration facilities - the Ministry of State Security and a military unit, as well as an industrial facility that belongs to the Russian Federation - the Maiac Radio Center - were subjected to terrorist attacks. As the first conclusions of the urgent operational and investigative measures showed, the traces of these attacks lead to Ukraine," Krasnoselsky stated, quoted by "After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Trandsniestria respected neutrality and openly declared it - that we are not aggressors, that Trandsniestria did not plan and is not planning an attack on our neighbors. We have been accepting refugees. There are currently about 25,000 residents of Ukraine in Transdniestria, where they are receiving adequate support from the state. Everyone is well aware of this. I assume that those who organized this attack have the goal of dragging Transdniestria into the conflict. And I can say with confidence that they will not succeed. Transdniestria will be able to defend itself. We will definitely find all those who are complicit in these criminal acts. But dragging us into the conflict will not work," Krasnoselsky noted. He called on the Ukrainian authorities to investigate the situation: "I also want to appeal to the leadership of Ukraine. I ask you to investigate these facts of illegal movement of certain militant groups and their committing terrorist acts here on the territory of Trandsniestria". Point