Grosu and Stefanchuk Discussed the Possibilities of Delivering Military Equipment to Ukraine and Sanctions against Russia

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Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (VR) Ruslan Stefanchuk during a meeting in Kyiv with Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament Igor Grosu discussed Ukraine's security needs. This statement was made by the VR press service, reports. "Today Ukraine defends the whole civilized world, world democracy and fights for the principles of the whole world. We are on the bright side, with the civilized world, including Moldova, for which I am very grateful," Stefanchuk said. He also thanked Moldova for giving asylum to Ukrainians who fled the Russian invasion. "Around 400 thousand Ukrainian citizens crossed the Ukrainian-Moldovan border, more than 91 thousand of whom stayed in Moldova and found asylum there," the Speaker said. At the same time, he outlined several areas of assistance which Ukraine needs from Moldova. In particular, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada urged the Moldovan side to consider the possibility of delivering military equipment to Ukraine and aiding in de-mining the liberated territories. The Ukrainian side also counts on the expedited passage of transit humanitarian goods. "Humanitarian aid is a booster for our resistance, so we would appreciate if bureaucratic procedures are circumvented," Stefanchuk said. According to him, a no less important area of assistance to Ukraine is the sanctions policy. "Without a concerted pressure on Russia's economic backbone, we will not stop this war. There are not and can not be big or small countries, big or small economies - it must be a common cause for all," stressed the head of the Ukrainian parliament. He noted that the issue of legal liability for crimes perpetrated by the Russian military is also vital. "More than 40 countries backed an appeal to the International Criminal Court, and we expect a fair verdict for those who commit genocide in Ukraine," Stefanchuk said. He appealed to the head of the Moldovan parliament not to allow the Russian criminals to hide, in particular in the Transdniestrian region. Stefanchuk stressed that Ukraine strongly supports the territorial integrity of Moldova within its internationally recognized borders, and also condemns attempts to drag the Transdniestrian region into a full-scale war unleashed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine. "We are really counting on Moldova's clear and understandable position to prevent the use of territories of your region for participation in the Russian-Ukrainian war," the speaker stressed and added that the common task is to neutralize the Kremlin's plans to destabilize the situation in Transdniestria. For his part, Moldovan Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu stressed that from the first days Moldova strongly condemned the Russian aggression against Ukraine and fully supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. "We strongly condemn the atrocities and war crimes perpetrated by the Russian army. An investigation and evaluation of the actions committed by Russian criminals is imperative," Grosu said. Point