Popescu: We Don’t Yet Have Details of the NATO Assistance Package to Moldova

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Minister Nicu Popescu says he is aware of the NATO declaration, through which it was decided to strengthen support for Moldova, but at the moment he has no details of what this support consists in. At the same time, he is convinced that the support provided by NATO will help our country to strengthen its ability to withstand a very difficult international environment, protv.md reports. “At this stage we don’t have any details, we have seen the NATO statement, it talks about the potential support offered to partner states, including the Republic of Moldova. This statement is accepted by NATO; we have no details at this stage. We will know more details later, but I want to reiterate that Moldova had a very good cooperation with NATO, this cooperation has always been very transparent. Absolutely all the parameters of our cooperation with NATO are available online and individually in the partnership with NATO. These things are known, this cooperation is carried out in a spirit of respect for Moldova’s constitutional reality, and here, of course, we are waiting to find out what the details are. But all these measures are transparent and fully respect our sovereign law within the Moldovan Constitution. On the other hand, we need to develop our relations with partner states, which help us strengthen Moldova’s ability to confront a very complex international environment,” Minister Nicu Popescu said. Earlier, President Klaus Iohannis said that it was decided to adopt a package of assistance measures and to strengthen support for Moldova and Georgia. Point