Kulminski: The Prosecutor’s Office Put on a Show of Dodon’s Detention

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Former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Vladislav Kulminski, said that “in the detention of Igor Dodon, as in the case of the former Prosecutor General Alexander Stoianoglo, I did not see any arguments”. “I did not see what the charges were about. We are talking about a high-ranking person, and thus by detaining him we can set certain dangerous precedents for the future,” noi.md quoted Kulminski as explaining on the program Puterea a Patra on the N4 TV channel. According to him, if the prosecutor’s office has clear evidence, the detention makes sense, “but I had my doubts when I saw the prosecutor who was proud of himself. He didn't look very convincing.” “Everyone needs to be sure that justice works. We have seen that the government and the president are not involved in matters of justice. But prosecutors are used to being run by politics. Politically, I can’t understand why this show was necessary,” said Kulminsky. Former Deputy Prime Minister claims that all the actions of prosecutors in one way or another inflate his political rating turning him into a man with nothing to lose. “I don’t think it was an order from the president,” he said. On July 2, the Chisinau Court of Appeals extended ex-president Igor Dodon’s house arrest for another 30 days. The former president is accused of illicit enrichment. On June 23, anti-corruption prosecutors seized several assets belonging to Igor Dodon and his relatives, including his house in the capital’s Buiucani. Point